November 18, 2013


Types of Methodologies

  • Usability Testing
    We do this both in-person or remotely to test website navigation to new tangible products and services.
  • In-depth, one-on-one interviews
    A more intimate qualitative approach that’s useful for sensitive topics, busy audiences, avoiding bias, and a detailed understanding of complicated behavior.
  • Focus Groups
    A qualitative method that brings together a group of people for a skillfully moderated conversation about their perceptions of a product, service or concept.
  • On-line surveys
    This approach is employed typically after qualitative research has been conducted to confirm findings or test new hypotheses with a high level of certainty.  These surveys can be anything from message tests and segmentations to pricing sensitivity or new product assessment.
  • Online discussion boards
    We like to use this when several geographies need to be covered and/or when anonymity is key.
  • Ethnographies
    We completely immerse ourselves in the customer experience and delve into cultural practices and interactions.
  • Mobile Research
    Our way to capture the customer experience for shop-alongs and ethnographies in an unobtrusive way
  • Higher-Level Analytics
    We collaborate with the best and brightest to help with more complex quantitative challenges such as pricing sensitivity, conjoint, and segmentation.