November 6, 2013


Taking guesswork out of your marketing equation brings clarity to business decision making.

Think of Douglass Results as the internal research department you wish you had. You can count on us to design a customized research program that will uncover the hidden gems of insight that lead to a masterful marketing strategy.

We excel at qualitative research, which relies heavily on skillful moderation and have serious quantitative chops as well. Luckily, the intersection of these two happens to be our specialty. With our combination of skills and depth of experience, you can rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned.

Here are some of the types of research we have conducted:

  • Usability testing
    Ensuring that your product experience is not only efficient but satisfying.
  • New product development
    Testing of new products, concepts or ideas in your pipeline to ensure a warm market reception.
  • Brand Tracking
    Continuous monitoring of your brand’s health to identify if marketing or advertising adjustments need to be made.
  • Customer satisfaction
    Capturing customers’ shopping/purchasing experiences to ensure customers keep coming back.
  • Message testing
    Identifying what messages reach and tell the story you want to target customers.
  • Customer journey analysis
    Providing insight into the unstated needs and desires of the customer.
  • Market analysis
    Helping you determine (or develop) your brand’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.